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Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny 2006 Epic Records
Produit par John King

Chant, guitare : Jack Black
Guitare, chœurs : Kyle Gass
Guitare : John Konesky, Liam Lynch
Basse : John Spiker, Liam Lynch
Clavier : Page McConnell (Phish)
Batterie : Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
Guests : Meat Loaf, Ronnie James Dio (Kickapoo), Dave Grohl (Beelzeboss)


Version originale

I can't get to sleep tonight
No matter how hard I try
Cause it's cold and it's dark
And the wind is a whistlin'
And I can't seem to put out the light

Momma's been searching for baby
But baby been tryin' to get home
Cause it's cold and it's dark
And the moon cannot light the way
And Daddy's gone, bye bye

I'm just a babyyyyy

Jack : I've had this birthmark since I was born,
It's the name of our fucking band dude.

Kyle : I have an ass mark too


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