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Friendship Test

cd Tenacious D 2001 Epic Records
Produit par les "Dust Brothers"
Album de platine aux USA

Chant, guitare : Jack Black
Guitare, chœurs : Kyle Gass
Guitare : Warren Fitzgerald (Vandals)
Basse : Steven Shane McDonald
Clavier : Page McConnell (Phish)
Batterie : Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)


Version originale

KG : Hello? Two kings.
JB : Hey, Kage.
KG : Oh, hey.
JB : What are you doin'?
KG : Oh, I was just...
JB : I love you.
KG : What did you say?
JB : I said I love you man. I just wanted to say it.
KG : Thanks, dude. That's awesome. Really awesome. (long pause) Uh,
That's cool that you can say that.
JB : Don't you have something to say?
KG : No. I mean, uh, I like you, man.
JB : Whoa, whoa! like? Ha ho! Oh man. I'm glad a fuckin' did this test on you, the friendship test.
KG : What?
JB : No man, back there, when I said I love you, that was a test. 'cause I could made a big ass of myself if i hadn't done this test on you.
KG : You mean, you mean you don't really love me?
JB : Dude, you passed the test. But barely, you know what you got?
KG : What'd i get?
JB : F+.


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