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5 Needs [Bonus]

Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix 2012 Columbia
Produit par John King et John Kimbrough

Chant, guitare : Jack Black
Guitare, chœurs : Kyle Gass
Guitare : John Konesky
Basse : John Spiker
Clavier : John Spiker
Batterie : Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

5 NEEDS (Bonus track)

Version originale

This one goes to all the disciples out there on the journey that we call life
You know there's only 5 needs
And Kyle and I have compiled 'em
And awoken them into song
A song that we like to call the 5 needs

First you need the planet
Earth beneath your feet
You couldn't live an instant without that
Then you need the air
Oxygen to breathe
You couldn't live five minutes without that
Then you need the water
The icy cold water

Now, you need some love (love)
You need some love (love)

We only wanted to rock your world (We hoped that we rocked your world)
The fifth need is to rock your world (We really wanna rock your world)
It comes before food!


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